Edwin Zwakman puts a new spin on the long standing tradition of recording the Dutch landscape.  His large-scale cibachromes document freeway overpasses, shorelines, breakfast tables, virtually all manner of everyday life in Holland’s cities and suburbs.  Or so it seems.  In reality, the landscapes are constructed maquettes that have been later recorded with the camera.  Zwakman exploits the illusory qualities of photography to confront issues of subjectivity with regards to interpretation. He purposely chooses not to add a lot of detail to his constructions and alters scale to enhance effect. Zwakman continuously experiments with how much the viewer will recognize with the least amount of information. As a result, even when the strangeness of the maquette’s insinuates the photograph, our personal inferences cause a reconstruction of them. Slowly, the process of interpretation that suits our experiences becomes apparent. It is this realization that is Zwakman’s aim. His cibachromes demand the viewer look beyond that which memory has already concluded and what the unconscious has inferred.


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Galerie Akinci en Spencer Brown Stone Gallery – afbeeldingen en cv

Fly-Over III, C-print plexi, reynobond, 220 x 161 cm 2003

Fly-Over III, C-print plexi, reynobond, 220 x 161 cm 2003


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