Drawn freehand directly on the computer and printed with an inkjet printer, my drawings do not contain photographs or scanned material.

As an inherently hybrid process combining the languages of drawing and computer imaging, my practice brings together the opposite notions of handmade and technological, of organic and mechanical, of physical and virtual. Combining technology with subjectivity, the work draws the viewer to an awareness of the devices of image construction and to the complexities of fiction. In addition to dealing with familiar concepts such as drawing and photography, we are now affected by the recontextualizing effect of the new field of imaging.

Several related concerns run throughout the work: an investigation of image making, the

hybridization of the languages of drawing and computer imaging, and most importantly, a focus on the constructed landscape.

The subjects of my work may be interpreted equally as models for planned communities or as aerial views of fictional suburbs, referring to the dual role of the computer as a tool for urban planning as well as image capture. Encouraging a reflective attitude by its perpendicular and distant viewpoint, the aerial view is used here to comment on society’s occupation and transformation of the natural landscape.

In addition, the obviously invented nature of these suburbs exaggerates existing situations and drives the subject matter into the investigative domain of science fiction. Examining the relation between design and actual lived experience, the works subvert the apparent rationality of urban design, exposing conflicts that lurk beneath the surface. These digital drawings are a comment on the fears as well as the dreams expressed in suburban culture.

Detail from Subdivision: Beachview Bluffs, 2008

Detail from Subdivision: Beachview Bluffs, 2008

From www.rossracine.com


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